State of Freight Webinar: Key Issues in Transportation

This September 12-14, we are holding our 13th annual Transportation Conference in Indianapolis. As a lead-up to the conference we will be holding a complimentary industry webinar: Key Issues in Transportation. 
The theme of this year’s conference is Gaining Traction? Next Year. Next Decade. I will be moderating the webinar discussion which highlights the transportation issues which FTR is focused on – for both the next year, and the next decade.
The panelists on the webinar will be FTR’s Eric Starks and Larry Gross.
When I spoke with Eric, he was updating the agenda for the Truck and Trailer content channel, one of four content channels offered at the conference. I asked him what types of issues he’s been thinking about. 
“One of the big picture issues is global economics. Moody’s just downgraded China’s credit rating for the first time in 30 years. They are worried about their debt problem, and slowing growth. In a worst case scenario, China could fall into recession. When freight growth slows, the industry take an immediate hit.”
“Recessions are nearly impossible to forecast. But companies need to have plans in place. The same goes for regulations. The past few years we’ve been forecasting extremely tight capacity in 2017, yet the time-frames for implementation of regulations is difficult to judge and we’ve now pushed it out to 2018. Noel Perry also just released an analysis that explains why contract rates haven’t risen as much as we expected during this recovery, even when capacity tightened.”
We are approaching a new era of transportation in the coming decade and disruptive technologies is an issue Eric also mentioned. Indeed the scope of disruptive technologies continues to expand, and for the first-time at this year’s conference we have a series of Tuesday sessions entitled, FREIGHTOLOGY: Transformative Ideas in Transportation. These sessions go beyond autonomous vehicles and freight-matching technologies, both of which are already providing opportunities -and threats- throughout the supply chain.
Companies need to be prepared by proactively thinking through these issues. So join us on Thursday, June 8th for this informative webinar.
Registration to attend is complimentary, but required, prior to the webinar date and can be completed by clicking here:
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