Intermodal Dash

Companies involved in intermodal need to be able to readily identify where growth is occurring and what type of equipment is moving. FTR’s Intermodal service provides the hard data and the concise analysis needed for busy executives. Our unique outlook by equipment type gives you the ability to identify opportunities for your business.


Identifying Opportunities for Growth

This interactive dashboard gives you control over all of the essential information on the North American intermodal situation, including: volume trends by traffic lane, trends in equipment type and size, trends in imports and exports by port region and much more. Our new Transportation Intelligence platform gives you the controls over data critical to your business.

Recent enhancements to the Intermodal Update include:

  • Interactive business intelligent dashboard
  • Printable monthly PDF reports
  • Expert commentaries on a wide array of topics
  • Complete coverage of U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  • Detailed import/export data for U.S. and Western Canada

Dashboard Overview

  • Executive Overview
  • Movements
  • Port Data
  • Equipment Trends
  • Intermodal Outlook
  • Get Report/ Data
  • Commentary

Publishing Timeline

  • The Intermodal Dashboard will always have the most current data for you to access
  • The printable PDF report will be published around the first five business days of every month once every data set in the Intermodal Dashboard has been updated for that month