Terms of Use

Subscribers to the reports will be notified via e-mail when the report is available on our website (when applicable). FTR will answer general questions via the phone and e-mail regarding our reports and forecasts at no additional charge. No early cancellations-all payments are final and will not be refunded in whole or in part (unless specified at the time of purchase). All subscriptions begin as of the order date.

The publications and databases are for internal company use only and may be printed and distributed to individuals at your current location. Any further distribution will require an additional subscription. No electronic distribution or forwarding of the publication is permitted unless given prior written approval by FTR Associates. Any posting on the Internet must have prior written approval by FTR Associates. All user accounts must use the same domain name as part of their e-mail address (i.e. @ftrintel.com) to be considered a valid user. ‘Internal company use’ is defined as those persons that use or have access to the subscribing companies domain name server. Partial ownership of a company is not included in this definition. Distribution to customers, suppliers, or partially owned companies is strictly forbidden without FTR’s written approval.

All subscriptions will be started upon receipt of payment.

Written and verbal commentary on the content of our reports may be provided to clients and customers as part of your company’s normal business practice. Charts and graphs may also be used occasionally in documents distributed outside your company, however, prior consent must be obtained from FTR before distribution.

All questions regarding use of FTR materials should be directed to Helen Lile, Business Manager at FTR; hlile@ftrintel.com; 888-988-1699 ext. 45.